WoW-Pro Addon

WoW-Pro Guide - Screenshot

World of Warcraft Addon

Released August 3, 2010.     The WoW-Pro Addon is an addon by the fan site, for the popular MMO World of Warcraft.  The addon brings the website’s strategy guides directly into the game, with advanced features such as auto-completion, guide recording, and advanced step dependency logic.


Coded module-based addon in the Lua scripting language.

Worked with multiple third party libraries such as the Ace library, as well as WoW’s UI scripting interface.

Created simplified language and lua-based interpreter to help non-programmers to create content.

Created companion guide-recording addon to further streamline content creation.


Led globe-spanning team of volunteers.

Released addon with over 200,000 downloads at the time I left the project.

Product recommended in several high profile WoW fan sites including WoW Insider (

Screenshots and Trailer